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Dave's Weekend in Colorado in Exactly Five Pictures

I grew up in Black Forest, Colorado, a little place just outside of Colorado Springs. It hasn't changed much since I grew up, some roads are wider and a lot of rich people have moved in to build multi-million dollar mansions, but for the most part it's the same. And since we still own the house I grew up in, I come to Colorado every few weeks to relax and to recharge.

Plus, I can do the morning show from the living room, which makes it more practical to visit for a few days!

Here are five pictures from my weekend in Colorado!

My mom and dad are scattered on the hill behind the house. We put a memorial bench on the hill and it's a very special place to me. I went there Friday to play some ukulele.

You know I hate litter, right? There's a whole chapter on littering in my book, Take a Shower, Show Up on Time and Don't Steal Anything. And it confounds me that people just casually toss trash on the ground. I was out for a hike Saturday and here's this bottle. Apparently it was too much trouble for the owner to carry it to their car, so I picked it up for them. There's metaphor here that really holds true. There are always going to be people that expect others to clean up after them. Whether it's littering, not taking care of their health, or living an irresponsible life and expecting others to bail them out.

Saturday night, I set up a tent and slept outside. It was great. It got down to about 32 degrees but I was warm and other than being on a crappy little air mattress, I slept pretty well! Next morning I made coffee and worked on the show at my little campsite.

I missed my Josie, so I had Susan Facetime so I could see her! Well, Susan too, I guess! :-)

And this afternoon, I cut up some fallen trees. I don't like using a chainsaw cuz my dad got cut up by one really badly when I was a kid. But it all turned out okay.

And that, my friends, is it for this weekend!

Hope you had a good one and I'll see you tomorrow on KDWB!

Thank you for looking at my pictures!


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