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Big Weekend For My Boys! One Wins an Emmy, One Moves to Hollywood!

What a week!

You probably heard Carson and I made a long road trip to California to move him there to start his career in music business. We had a great drive, aside from a dead batter in Sioux Falls. We found a shop who got us in right away out of the kindness of their hearts. Only a 3 hour delay which ain't bad!

AND Chase won a freakin' Emmy award for a news story he did in Albuquerque! I'm so proud of him. He's so smart and ambitious and talented!

Lots of pictures, so let's get started!

The drive across Utah was pretty boring for the first few hours but then it turned really beautiful! We stopped several time to take pictures.

And Friday afternoon, after 2000 miles, we made it!

Random selfie on Hollywood Blvd!

That's my friend Shannon on the left. She's a pretty big deal in TV, working as a casting agent. We met up to get some inside scoop on living in LA.

Just a funny shot of Carson chugging a beer that he brought into a bar. The server came by and told him no outside drinks are allowed so I told him "Chug! Chug! Chug!" and he did!

That's me soaking in the hot tub at Carson's apartment.

Saturday night we went to a Dodgers game. It was just cool to be inside Dodger's Stadium.

Meanwhile, Chase had a HUGE night! He won an Emmy for his work in TV in Albuquerque! He's such a hard worker and so passionate about his work! Congratulations Chase!

While we were waiting for the hotel elevator, Carson took in the scene on Hollywood Blvd.

And this is the extent of Carson's furniture as of right now, before the movers come, whenever that might be! A WWE chair, a lamp and some pillows! LOL!

So yeah, a pretty big weekend! I'm gonna miss Carson, same as I do all my kids that live out of state. Allison, you're not allowed to leave! :-)

Thanks for looking at my pics and have a good week!


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