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Dave's New Baby and First Pitch Weekend in Five Pictures!

Seriously, what a weekend!

We got to meet Ava's new little sister on Friday at the same time Ava met her. After that was the big Twins "First Pitch."

So let's get started on that "Weekend in Five Pictures!"

Ava's face says it all! She met her new little sister, Evelyn, on Friday and she was mesmerized. She just loves her and wanted to hold her all weekend!

Carson holding a little baby always makes me smile!

Why this look on my face? Because Evelyn just tooted!

After that, we went right to the Twins game because I got the honor of throwing out the first pitch! I was sort of nervous about it as you may have heard on the radio, but I'd practiced enough that I felt pretty sure I could do it. See the whole video on Instagram, @daveryankdwb

And we went out riding on Sunday with some friends who took this picture. It was a great day for riding and I'm super-excited for Roger's Rescue Ride coming up this Saturday. Register here and join me!

And that's it! I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for looking at my pics!


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