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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures, Ava, Airshow and Tomatoes!

Well, hello and welcome to my Weekend in Five Pictures! Let's dive right in!

Ava came over and we got her a little Sesame Street book you color in with a marker that makes pictures appear. She loved it and, of course, loves Elmo!

It was rainy and gray for a lot of Saturday so I got in some Lego Star Wars time.

And we were super lame because we stayed up late to watch 48 Hours Mystery. But come on, it's a GREAT show!

The #$%&ing deer got into Susan's garden and ate her corn, spinach and radishes. But apparently, they don't like tomatoes.

The Air Expo airshow was Saturday and Sunday but because of the weather, I went on Sunday. They do SUCH a great job of putting it together. I remember 20 years ago it was just a tiny little show and now it's huge!

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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