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Dave's Weekend of Grad Parties, Ava and Josie Getting a Bath!

Busy, busy weekend!

Let's start out with spending Saturday with Ava. I asked on the air if anyone had a baby back pack and Ericka, who listens to the show, said she had one I could borrow. I saw it and thought, "Oh, I should buy this!" so I did. Ava DID NOT like it at first but once she realized it was a good thing, she loved it. I walked her around Lake Minneswashta Park and took her to the beach which she loved. See more pics of that on Instagram @daveryankdwb

Here she is in her backpack.

Later that day we went to the Excelsior Art Fair and had lunch.

And Ava learned how to play peek-aboo!

Josie was smelly and I had to give her a bath.

Two grad parties on Sunday! First is Jacob from my band "Dat Brass Doe".

And Sam from my Boy Scout Troop. It was an honor to be invited to both these parties! Thanks for having me!

Hope you had a good weekend! And as always, thanks for looking at my pictures!


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