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What Vacation Should You Take? It Depends on Your Astrological Sign!

I'm not a big astrology person, but this list is kinda fun!

ASTROLOGY: Best Summer Vacay for Each Zodiac Sign

Are you trying to make summer vacation plans? Consider your horoscope.

Our signs represent our personalities, so it's no surprise that every different type of personality has a different idea of what the "ideal" summer trip is. Here are a few suggestions for a summer vacation based on your sign. 

Aquarius - Yoga Retreat - Look inward while exploring a new place. 

Pisces - Music Festival - These art-loving people should immerse themselves in a weekend-long experience. 

Aries - Surfing Lessons - High-energy activities will challenge you just enough.  

Taurus - Glamping - Why not be pampered in the great outdoors?  

Gemini - RV Road Trip - Scratch that curiosity itch and go somewhere new every day!  

Cancer - Ecolodge - It'll fulfil your need for having a purpose and tend to that soft side of yours.  

Leo - Cruise - Meeting new people and going new places will surely keep you from getting bored!  

Virgo - Voluntourism - Do something good for others while still scratching that travel itch. 

Libra - Staycation - It's hard for Libras to slow down their mind, so try to find peace in your own comfort zone. 

Scorpio - Cultural Travels - Since you love to learn, immerse yourself in a new culture and learn on your feet. 

Sagittarius - Backpacking - Usually down for anything, Sagittarians will love to rough it in the great outdoors.  

Capricorn - AirBnB - Take some time for yourself and book a cute AirBnB for a long weekend. (Astrology Answers)

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