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Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Don't Forget to Do This During the Summer!

Well hello!

Let's jump right in!

Susan worked all weekend so I got on the motorcycle and randomly rode to Elk River. I stopped at the Harley store and got a couple shirts and then went to Daddy O's Cafe. Thanks to Erin who recommended it to me on Instagram!

Then I rode to the Buffalo airport to watch planes take off and land. And I got out my ukulele and just played in the sunshine for awhile.

And I saw my first lemonade stand of the season! You know I have a chapter in my book about how we should always stop at lemonade stands. It makes the kids so happy!

I stopped for two girls who's goal was to make $10. They were almost out of lemonade so I bought their last glass for a dollar and left them a dollar tip, bringing that grand total to $11! It was cute because they had four cups stuck together that they couldn't get apart!

It feels like Spring is finally here so I put up the screen door on the back door. An annual tradition.

And Allison, Ava and Justin came over for Mother's Day. Ava loves saying "Hi" to get us to say "Hi" back to her. And when she left she waved and gave me the biggest smile ever.

Happy Mother's Day Allison, Susan and all other moms! We love you!

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my pictures!


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