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Dave's Breaks His Christmas Present, and More From the Weekend

I had some vacation time to use so I went to my house out in Colorado. It's an old house so there's always something to fix or paint or replace.

This time, it was clogged drainage tube, so I dug it up, cleared out all the mud and dirt, and replaced it.

I got a set of throwing knives for Christmas and tried them out for the first time. This was my very first throw. Not perfect, but it stuck!

And then this happened. Yep. Broken after only a few throws.

There were zero birds around in Colorado where I was but these two deer emptied my feeder 3 times!

I grew up in Colorado and this flower was always a sure sign of spring. It's called the Eastern Pasqueflower. Yes, spring is late arriving in Colorado, too.

I went for a ride and stopped at one of my favorite dive bars up in the mountains.

I went hiking and saw where someone had thrown orange peels on the ground. Don't do this. Yes, they will biodegrade, but it takes months. And meantime, everyone has to look at them. Plus, if 20 people a day all did this while thinking, "Hey it's okay, they'll biodegrade", you'd have a pretty s****y sight to look at. Remember what your mom/teacher/scout-leader told you: Take only pictures, leave only footprints."

An Eastern Bluebird. (I think!)

And the adorable picture of the week! This is my granddaughter Ava in the green with her friend Cleo. The cool thing is, both of their moms are best friends and both of THOSE moms are best friends. So three generations of friends!

Have a great rest of the week and thanks for looking at my pics!


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