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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Ava Still Doesn't Like Me

Well hello!

Hope you had a good weekend! The weather was nice for the first time in ages and I hope you got to enjoy it! I still plan to get out for a run later today (Sunday) to enjoy some of the weather since I've been inside most of the weekend.

Roger and Josie enjoying the sunshine for the first time in a long time!

Saturday, I got to teach a group of Scouts "Public Speaking" merit badge. I love hanging out with the scouts. At that age, they really are themselves and haven't learned to be judgey or pretentious. They just want to learn and have fun while they do it.

Sunday, we went over to Allison and Justin's to watch Ava so they could get some time to themselves. Here's Ava showing me her little kitchen.

Allison's cat, Thor. He's a character. Doesn't really like to be petted or held but always insists on being in the middle of everything going on. Like he likes people, but also hates people. LOL!

This picture really says it all. I love kids and all my life they've loved me. Ava is actually the first little kid I remember that is really skeptical of me. All my best efforts to make her comfortable around me don't work. The look on her face while I'm playing uke for her is pretty much what I get around her. Oh well, I love her and it's got to happen at her pace! But this picture kind of cracks me up and makes me feel sad at the same time.

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my pictures!


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