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Dave's Week in Hawaii in Something Like 20 or So Pictures

We really hadn't taken a vacation in three years. Well, we did go to Albuquerque to see Chase and Maddie, and we liked driving around seeing all the Breaking Bad locations, but let's face it, ABQ isn't really a vacation spot. So to get out of the cold and snow which we're all so tired of, we went to Hawaii!

Let's take a look at those pictures!

Flying in to Kauai, we flew over Oahu, our first time spotting land in a few hours. I'm a pilot myself but flying over water with nowhere to land kinda creeps me out. So it was good to see land!

When we got to the house where we stayed, it was dark, but I had to get this beautiful sunset picture.

Here is it by day.

We rented a motorcycle...

And rode it all over the island.

We went on a whale-watching trip and saw a mom, dad and baby!

Did you know Hawaiians LOVE Spam? Yep! They sell Spam sushi in most gas stations the way gas stations in the US sell taquitos off the roller grill!

Of course I didn't want to wear jeans on the whale-watching boat, but I had to wear them for the motorcycle, so unbeknownst to me, Susan took this picture.

A beautiful lighthouse we stopped to see.

We took an air tour and of course, I told the pilot I could fly, so he let me take the controls for a good part of the flight. THAT was cool!

Hey, don't laugh! I burn easily!

Thanks for looking at my pics!


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