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One of My Favorite KDWB Stories

I was going through some pictures for Falen's 10th anniversary and found these pictures that brought back such a great memory.

I don't remember the exact year but I think was around 2006. My mom was in a nursing home in Colorado and I asked teachers to have their students make them home made cards to send them.

We got hundreds of cards so I put them in a big box and mailed them to Colorado.

A few weeks later, I got one more lone card with a young kid's handwriting on it. I figured it was one more card for the nursing home so I put it on my desk where it sat for a few more months.

Finally, I opened it just to make sure it was a card for the old people, but it wasn't. It was a Flat Stanley. If you don't know what a Flat Stanley is, it's a little paper person that kids send out on adventures. They might send them to a relative in California so they can take a picture with it. You take the picture, and send the Stanley and the picture back to the kid who made it. The goal is to send your Flat Stanley to as many places as possible.

So this little girl had trusted me to send hers to and I blew it!

I called the school and told them I had the Flat Stanley and I asked if I could drive it to the school in Woodbury to deliver it to the girl who made it.

Here's me with Stanley and Sidney.

Her mom and I stayed in touch a little and a few years later, Sidney and her mom came by KDWB to visit and she brought Stanley!

I'm guessing Sidney is probably out of high school by now, maybe Carson's age. But I love this story and I'm so glad I didn't totally blow it for this little girl! If I'd sent that card off to the nursing home without looking at it, she would have always thought I'd let her down.

I haven't heard from Sidney or her mom in a long time but I hope they still listen and see this!


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