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Dave's Weekend With Ava in Five Pictures

My daughter Allison and her daughter Ava came for the weekend because Allison's husband was out of town. We had such a good time! Ava is at an age where she really much more comfortable with being around people she doesn't see every day. Still a little shy but seeing her warm up to us is just the best!

And of course, it's great to have Allison home to spoil too! And to give her a little break from watching Ava constantly!

Friday night we went to Spazzo for dinner in Minnetonka. This is where I took the picture that got more likes on Instagram than any other picture I've ever posted. As of Sunday afternoon it's over 5000 likes and still counting! Make sure you check it out @daveryankdwb

This is a new things she does. She balances on her head. Not sure how she came up with this one but she seems to love it!

Saturday, Allison and Susan worked at Susan's store so Ava and I went to the Arboretum. It had been a long time since I'd been and we really took our time and wandered around some of the less-visited areas. That place is huge! Have you been? You gotta go! And Ava could not get enough of playing with these berries!

Saturday, I was watching The Food Network with Allison and was inspired to make something a little challenging and fun for dinner so I went with chicken enchiladas. We went to the store, got all the ingredients and had a great time just chatting in the kitchen while I made dinner.

Here's a link to the recipe.

And that's it! I hope you had a great weekend and I hope you have a great week!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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