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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: With 3 Places in Minnesota I'd Never Been!

Before I get started, I have to post this. Everyone posts cute pictures of their dog. Including me. I asked Susan to take a cute pic of me and Josie out for a walk and then she did this.

That's my girl. But she also was so cute last night laying on my chest!

Okay, with those two out of the way, let's move on to other pics from the weekend!

Riding to Wisconsin Saturday, we were going to stop at Acapulco in Stillwater, but we saw this place from the parking lot and it was great! Great menu, great service and a fun theme. Check them out for something different if you're in the neighborhood. Shout out Norman Quacks!

Randomly found this winery along the St. Croix between Stillwater and Taylor's Falls. It's called Rustic Roots and it's quite awesome! A beautiful patio with beer and wine and vineyards you can walk around in. The hilly scenery is just awesome too!

I'd never stopped at Interstate State Park in Taylors Falls but I'm glad I did! Really interesting rock formations called "potholes" where the water dug hundreds of deep holes in the rock over the years. And lots of climbers to watch too!

Out for a run on Sunday morning and stumbled across a huge parade of classic cars. I'm not even a car guy and this was fun to watch while I ran by.

Baby Ava came by on Monday and I got a bunch of perfect pictures, but this one is cute cuz she's kinda got a look on her face that's like "Whatever. Get me out of here."

And that's it! Hope you had a good long weekend! As always, thanks for looking at my pics!


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