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What I Did Over the Summer: An Essay by Dave Ryan, 1st Period, Mr. Larsen


By Dave Ryan

1st period

My summer was an unusual one in that there was no one huge highlight or event or trip that immediately comes to mind as the best experience of the summer. That is certainly not to say that I didn’t have a good summer, because I did. Here are three things from this summer that I really enjoyed.

Early in the summer as it started to get hot, we discovered a beautiful beach only two miles from our home. It’s at Lake Minnewashta and it’s wonderful. I got a car roof rack for my paddleboard, paddled around the lake with my dog, Josie and had a great time. We also got inflatable lounge chairs, complete with cupholders, to float around in. Other than one misadventure where I’d planned a cookout and the charcoal wouldn’t light, we had many great adventures this summer at the beach.

In mid-August, my two grandkids, 9 and 12, came to visit. At first we wondered what we could do with them, but then it hit us. Let’s go to Wisconsin Dells! So we did! They are both adventuresome kids and they loved it! Carson had fun being “Uncle Carson” with them and taking them on rides. We went to the arcade, the ropes course and even on the famous Ducks boat ride which they loved! Of course, the kids had to make it even more memorable by fighting all the way home in the car until I had to pull over and separate them. KIDS!

The last highlight is probably the most simple one. My boy, Carson, was home from college for what will probably be his last summer with mom and dad. He loves 60’s pop culture so we watched a lot of old TV shows and movies together and talked about how much entertainment has changed. We played golf and even went white water rafting in Colorado. I did ask him if he wanted to go canoeing and camping like we did when he was little and he said, “No, that’s not my thing anymore.” That hurt a little but I was proud of him that he stood up for what he wanted to do and not do.

Thank you Mr. Larson for reading my essay and I hope you have a blessed day. You are my favorite teacher and I’m happy to be back in your class.

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