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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Flying, the Beach, Irish Fair and More!

Another beautiful weekend. Did you get out? I am confident you did! :-)

Here's my weekend in five pictures, plus a little bonus at the end!

I know I post a lot of flying pictures, but it's so beautiful up there and it's probably my favorite thing to do. I always wanted to learn to fly and I just love it. I've taken hundreds of people up and nearly all of them have loved it! (Only one threw up...In her purse!) This was Friday afternoon over Big Island on Lake Minnetonka.

Saturday morning, I was out back and the neighbor's dog strolled into the yard and plopped down beside me for belly rubs. I think dogs just know when someone loves dogs.

Saturday, Allison brought Ava out and we went to the beach. Even Carson came along. Yes, I brought my ukulele and played (quietly) for Ava. Carson hasn't been around a lot of babies but he just loves Ava!

Saturday we went to the Irish Fair in St. Paul. It was beautiful and fun and something completely different for us to do!

Sunday, my buddy Josie and I went for a 5 mile run. She's 12 but she's still got so much energy and has no trouble keeping up with her dad!

Okay, lotsa pet pictures this week! Here's little bonus of Roger and Josie in the "bunk-beds." They act like they don't like each other but I think on some level, they do.

Hope you have a great week! Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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