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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Ava's First Birthday Party!

It was a big weekend! First, I went to Valleyfair! with some people who listened to our show. Thanks to Jefferson Lines and our driver, Lee, for helping us out. I had a great time talking to everyone on the bus and getting to know people who listen to our show. And bonus, Carson went along too. First time we'd been to Valleyfair together since uh...maybe since he was 6? 8?

And the Ava's first birthday party! Okay, let's get started!

Ready to go on Dave's Big Bus to Valleyfair! Where should we go next?

Saturday was Ava's 1st birthday party! She was so happy and full of smiles! And she loved smashing her cake!

Uncle Carson holding Ava. She's not the best with people she doesn't see very often, but she was SO good with Carson this time! You can see how proud and happy he is!

For the first time in probably two years, we went to Mall of America Saturday night to shop and eat and see "Old." (The movie was okay) There's a store at the Mall called Amazon 4-Star, all products that have a four-star rating on Amazon. It's pretty cool! A woman named Shelly came up to say hi and her whole family listens. This is a picture of her daughter Abby and me. Fun Fact: Shelly went to Elk River High School and was there when KDWB brought Will Smith there to perform WAY back in the day!

And on Sunday, Allison and Ava came over and Ava was wearing the Vans Carson got her for her birthday. Awwwwww!

I hope you had a good weekend too! And as always, thanks for looking at my pictures!


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