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Dave's Trip to Colorado in 8 Pictures Including One I Had to Blur Out

Just got back from a week in Colorado. I love going there, it's totally my happy place. I stay in the house I grew up in and mostly relax, get some things done and maybe hike or ride the motorcycle. I also have some friends and of course, my sisters that live there.

I didn't really take a whole lot of pictures during this trip because I didn't really do too much special. But there are a few gems! LOL!

Here we go!

This wasn't something that happened in Colorado. It's a picture my daughter Allison sent of her daughter Ava playing with a box of Kleenex! She did it for 20 minutes! And I guess there is a toy version of it made for kids on Amazon. Sorry I don't remember what it was called!

It was the 150th anniversary of Colorado Springs and there was a parade downtown, and who doesn't love a parade?

This made me a little sad. That's the TV station my son Chase worked at until he moved to Albuquerque a month ago. I got to see him a lot when he lived in the Springs but now I won't get to see him nearly as often.

And saw this guy walking around at the parade and had to get a picture of him! LOL!

There was a festival downtown and I saw a booth for my old school, Pikes Peak Community College, or as I like to call it, "The Harvard of the Rockies." Of course I had to stop to get a picture and to tell the person working at the booth that I went there for broadcasting and I'm still doing it all these years later. I don't think they really cared that much but they were polite and listened, which made me feel like the guy who tells strangers boring stories. LOL!

A view out my front window. Not something you see everyday, even in Colorado!

Like I said, not a lot of exciting pictures here. This is a TV stand I picked up. I think I'll lie and tell people I made it myself!

And finally this big bitch! It was on my front porch. I used Google Lens to find out it's a broad-necked root borer. I put a pic of it on Instagram and a lot of people said they would have killed it. I couldn't. Sorry, he's really kind of beautiful.

And that's it! Can't wait to catch up on the air starting Thursday morning! Nelly is gonna be on co-hosting with us from 7 till 9. I hope you can listen!

Thanks as always for looking at my pics!


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