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The Mysteries of the KDWB Autograph Book

Twenty years ago, I bought an autograph book to have celebrities sign when they came to visit our morning show. The plan was to fill it up with autographs and then sell it for Charity.

We got quite a few big names in there, especially when you consider the year. Backstreet Boys, Train, Everclear, LFO, and more.

Then, somehow we lost track of the book and forgot about it for years. I found it a few years ago in a box of old stuff. When looked through it, sure, there were some big names.

Here's Lionel Richie.

Here's Jewel.

Wild Orchid was a girl group that Stacy Ferguson, "Fergie" was in before she joined Black Eyed Peas.

But the book has a lot of mystery autographs. Obviously big in 2001 but we didn't make a note of who they were. For example, who is this? Obviously they signed a lot of autographs, but I have no clue who it is. Do you?

Watch the video and see all the names, known and unknown!

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