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Dave's Weekend in Vegas in About 7 Pictures

Susan's dad was quite the character. He was a big partier back in his day and had a million friends. Allison and Carson were his only grandkids and when he retired, he got a little place in Florida with a pool just for them. They loved it. And they loved him. We all did.

When he passed away at age 88 last week, we knew there wouldn't be a funeral or memorial service. Most of his friends were gone and he has a small family. So we all went to one of his favorite places to honor and remember his life.

So this post is dedicated to Rod, a great person, a real character, and someone we'll always love and remember. Still hard to believe he's gone.

Friday after the show, Falen's husband Jake and I went shooting. Jake had wanted to go and I'm the guy with the guns. Not a gun nut, as I like to say, just someone who's been shooting since I was about five years old. BTW, when we shot the Smith and Wesson .500, then entire ranged stopped to see what in the H we were shooting! It is one big gun!

Saturday, off to Vegas. This is a ski resort in Colorado but I couldn't tell you which one.

This is the Union Plaza hotel in Vegas. But I had to take a picture to send it to Carson because he recognizes it as Biff's Casino from Back to the Future II.

BTW, Vegas is NOT about social distancing. Fremont Street was packed with people. I asked an Uber driver why it was so crowded and he said everyone was there spending their stimulus check. Well good! That's what a stimulus check is for, right?

NOT in Vegas, but while we were there, my daughter Allison sent us the cutest picture ever of her almost-8-month-old daughter, Ava. I love it! The hat, that big smile and those little front teeth!

I rented a motorcycle and drove up to Mt. Charleston. It's funny how 90 minutes from Las Vegas looks more like Colorado than it does Nevada.

And flying home Tuesday, I'm pretty sure that's part of the Grand Canyon.

BTW, I'll always remember this flight home. When we landed, the guy in front of me checked his phone and got the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial. He announced it to the plane and we all applauded. Pretty unforgetable.

And that's it! Thanks for looking at my pics!


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