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Dave's Colorado Vacation: Meeting My Long-Lost Niece For the First Time!

I had a week off and no place to go really, so I went to our house out in Colorado. It's such a great place to visit and we still have the house I grew up in so I have a free place to stay.

Here come twelve pictures from my vacation...Thanks for looking!

There's so much great hiking in Colorado. I use an app called "All Trails" that finds trails close to you, grades them by difficulty, length and terrain. It's a paid app but if you like hiking, it's totally worth it. This is at the foot of Pikes Peak. The mountains across the valley are bare because a fire burnt the trees off about 10 years ago.

For no good reason at all, here's me in the same spot.

These deer were robbing my bird feeder while the one in front kept an eye on me.

Another hike. I ran across this message someone wrote on the ground with a stick. It took me a minute to be able to read it. It says, "I know where you live" which was half creepy and half LOL.

This was taken in an area that had burned in 2013. That's Pikes Peak and the Front Range near Colorado Springs in the background.

Back around 1300, Natives built dwellings under cliffs. Most of those are about 250 miles from Colorado Springs but 100 years ago they moved some to Colorado Springs and rebuilt them under a cliff there. Even though they are only 30 minutes from where I grew up, I'd never visited them before. Totally worth it and so fascinating. If you ever in Colorado Springs, visit the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.

This puzzle took me about 6 hours to put together. 500 pieces. Well, actually 499 because there's one piece near the bottom missing.

My granddaughter and grandson live in North Carolina and I haven't seen them in a year and a half because of the pandemic. So I stuffed dollar bills inside plastic eggs, got some other goodies and some Easter grass and Fed-Ex'd it to them so it would get there on Friday, well before Easter. I texted my daughter to see if she got them and well, $%&@! they're not home. They're on vacation too. Oh well, I guess they'll see them when they get back.

There's a story behind this picture. Chase and I went to the Pioneer Museum in Colorado Springs which is in the old courthouse. One of the people who worked at the museum said there had been a murder in the courthouse back in the 50s. Somebody who worked there got shorted on pay and tracked down their boss and shot him right behind where we are standing. He then went to his office and sat down waiting to be arrested. Scary and eerie and interesting.

Chase came out to the house Saturday and we tried out a new high-powered slingshot. He was way better with it than I was!

We went to Sheel's to check it out cuz it just opened and there was a line way around to the back of the store.

Okay, and the highlight of the trip was meeting my niece for the very first time. Here's the quick story. when I was about 5, my sister got pregnant. Back then, if you got pregnant and weren't married to the father, you either married him or you went away to an unwed mother's home, had the baby and gave it up for adoption. That's what my sister did.

She tried to find her daughter for years with no luck, but eventually her daughter found my brother on Ancestry. She emailed him and long story short, my sister and her daughter reunited about 50 years after she was born. Friday night I had as many of my family as could make it come to the house and I got to meet her. She's funny and talkative and a smart ass just like most of the rest of my family and I loved her right away. Her name is Rhonda, if you ever hear me talk about her.

And that's it! It'll be good to be back this week. I've missed Falen and Jenny and Tina. And you too!

Have a great week! As always, thanks for looking!


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