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Susan's Wine and Cheese Pairing Valentine's Day Present!

I'm not now, nor have I ever been fancy. I grew up on a chicken farm, dried my clothes by the woodburning stove and never tasted any seafood beside tuna and fish sticks until I was 25. I'm not fancy.

So doing a wine and cheese pairing for my wife seemed a little unnatural, but dang, we like cheese, and we like wine!

I talked on the radio last week about Susan didn't want any things for Valentine's Day, she wanted an experience. Oh shoot! That meant I had to come up with something!

I think it was Falen that gave me the initial idea. She said to order wine and cheese pairings online. I looked and it was too close to Valentine's Day to get them on time so I decided to make my own.

I googled "top wine and cheese pairings" and went down to Byerly's and got 7 cheeses and 7 wines.

Here are the pairings:

(BTW, It cost about $130 for everything)

Here's what it looked like.

And here's the video of her reaction! I had her go upstairs so she wouldn't hear or see me clanking around in the kitchen. Other than some confusion about which way she should come into the kitchen, it went over very well!

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