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Dave's Long Weekend in 6 Pictures, Including My New Favorite Picture!

It was a long weekend which I love and I think I'm going to start a petition on Change.org to make every weekend a 3-day weekend. They're just the best!

We packed a lot into the weekend since it was Susan's birthday Friday and Valentine's Day. Let's get started!

Friday, we had dinner at Ike's in Minnetonka. Yep, we passed up Buffalo Wild Wings this time and actually had a more elegant dinner! BTW, Ike's was slammed. If you go, try the Tonka Wings. They're amazing.

Then, on the the Chanhassen Dinner Theater for a Frank Sinatra tribute show. The show and the musicians were incredible. The lead singer was so good and so charismatic. What sucked? The audience just sat there. I felt so bad for the band! They were killing it and the audience sounded like they were dead! Susan and I were hooting and yelling and whistling to show our appreciation and hopefully the band knew how much we appreciated them!

I got a DIY ukulele kit for my birthday a few months ago and finally finished it this weekend. Allison painted it because she's the family artist. And it turned out so great! See the video on my Instagram of playing "You Are My Sunshine" for Ava. @daveryankdwb

And Ava liked playing it too!

And here it is, my new favorite picture! Just love her!

And finally, here's the wine and cheese pairing I made for Valentine's Day. It turned out really well!

Here's a link to more pictures, the pairings I used and the video of Susan's reaction.

Brrrrrrrrrrr! It's cold! I hope you stayed warm and had a good Valentine's Weekend. Thanks for looking at my pics!


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