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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures from Colorado!

I was in Colorado for a couple days just to relax and recharge. Really nothing terribly exciting and I consider myself really fortunate to have a little getaway place. It's nothing fancy, just the house I grew up in. It sits on five acres with hundreds of trees and it's isolated and peaceful and I love it.

And here are some pictures from this weekend.

This is my set up when I do the show. Basically a microphone plugs into a little computer/audio processor that converts the signal to digital and sends it down an ethernet cable to a modem and back to the station. Super simple and 99% reliable. Okay, maybe 98% reliable. :-)

You may have seen me post this thing before. It's a Mr. Coffee Cafe' Barista and it makes cappuccinos, espressos and latte's super-easy. I got one for Christmas about 5 years ago and thought I'd never use it so it sat unopened for months. Then I tried it and loved it so much that I have on in Colorado too.

My dad lived on this property for 41 years and a few years before he died, he started twisting small pine trees into braids and knots. This is one of my favorites out of the dozens he did. There are a few in the background too. He never said why he did it, but I think he just wanted to leave something behind that says, "I was here."

This is a knife-making kit I've been working on off and on for a few years. Here I'm staging a selfie of me shaping the blade. ;-)

Saturday night I made shrimp linguini. It was great! Super simple and moderately healthy!

I hope you had a good Super Bowl weekend! It's gonna be Super COLD this week! Stay warm, have a good week and thanks for looking at my pics!


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