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Dave's Weekend in 5 Pictures: What To Get a Daughter on Her 29th Birthday?

And poof! There goes the weekend! I hope you had a good one!

We had a few memorable moments so let's get started with my weekend in five pictures!

Like you, we're pretty tired of staying home. No concerts, no sports, all the neighborhood orgies are on hold. So my wife came up with an idea to play indoor golf at a simulator. Okay, I've played on a simulator before but it was never very fun or realistic. But this time we went to Inside Edge Golf in Eden Prairie. We loved it! If you go, try to ask for the bay that has the curved screen. That's the one we played on, but I'm sure the others are great too. This isn't an ad, no one paid me to say this and we paid full price to go. Just a recommendation.

The treadmill blinks a little when I try to take pictures of the screen and it never really shows up BUT I ran 5.3 miles on Sunday and honestly, it was kind of easy. I ran at 5.0 for the first 4 miles then upped it 6.0 for the last mile. Seriously it felt great to be able to do that. If you can, or can do more, then good for you. If you can't, I'd encourage you to do something to take advantage of your health and your body's ability to exercise and enjoy that experience. One day we'll all be lucky to stand up and walk across the room. If you're young and healthy and not enjoying what your body can do, then please find an exercise you enjoy and do it! You will never regret it!

My daughter Allison pretty much grew up on my radio show on KDWB. And she turns 29 on Tuesday. She came to the house on Sunday and I gave her her birthday present. It's a bubble tea making kit. I was so happy that she wanted to make one right away!

And so she did! (and I helped!) She said it turned out really good! I got it online at this link.

I started cross country skiing last year and I love it. Winters suck in Minnesota and I don't ice fish or skate. Snowboarding and skiing are great but they're kinda spendy and there's always the drive to the hill and the lift lines. With cross country skiing, I can be at a park by my house in 5 minutes and the season pass is really cheap. Don't get me wrong! I love boarding at Hyland, Afton, Buck Hill, etc. But when I want something different that I can do now, I love this!

And that's it! Thanks for looking at my pictures. Hey it's halfway through January so winter is slowly ticking by. The days are already 30 minutes longer than they were at Christmas! Spring is only 2 short months away!

Have a great week!


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