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Dave's Weekend in Five Photos! Look What I Found in the Basement!

It was SO nice this weekend! I hope you got outside to enjoy what is probably the last warm weekend until next spring! I was out a lot and loved every minute.

Here's my weekend in five pictures!

Flying is like going for a walk. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it's better when it's beautiful out. I took off for Litchfield, Minnesota kind of randomly and planned to just sit there at their airport, play my ukulele and enjoy the peace and quiet. It didn't quite work out that way because I met another pilot and his son who were from Africa and it was so cool to bond with someone from a different culture over something we had in common.

Friday night, we went bowling at Country Club Lanes in Excelsior. I may look like I know what I'm doing in this picture but I suck. I never even broke 100 in three games. But it was a ton of fun and I learned that Country Club Lanes has been open since 1956 and has all the original furniture and benches and seats. So cool! Carson and Allison have been there as kids a lot and Carson and his buddies used to go there in high school.

Saturday I went for a long walk in Rice Marsh Lake Park. Thanks Kate Raddatz for the recommendation! Afterward I stopped by an old farmhouse I've driven by 100's of times but have never stopped. It's called the Cummins-Phipps-Grill House and it's just north of the airport on Pioneer Trail in Eden Prairie. I love stuff like this. It was built in about 1879 and is still standing in great condition. I found out that Flying Cloud Airport used to be the farm's wheat field and some of the flowers and trees planted back then are still alive and growing Stop by some time if you love history. There are a couple of great interpretive signs telling more about the house and the people who lived there. I wonder what they would say about what it looks like there today.

I want a white rat for a pet. We talked about them on the air a week or so ago and a pet expert said they're great pets and very social. Susan of course is like, "No way." I totally get that. But I stopped at Petco in Chaska to see if they had any. They didn't, just white mice.

And this is what I found in the basement! My daughter Allison is 28 and loved Hillary Duff! Susan found this sign and it made us both smile big. I sent a picture of it to Allison and she said she couldn't believe we still had it. I told her I'd save it for her and she liked that.

Have a great week! And thanks for looking at my pictures!


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