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Dave's Weekend in 5 Pictures and Why Number 4 Started a Fight

It was a good weekend! Allison and Ava came over, we had a lot of trick-or-treaters and the weather wasn't so bad!

Here is my weekend in five pictures!

That's Susan playing with Ava. She's gotten so cute! She smiles and sort of giggles, plus on Saturday she rolled over several times from her belly to her back! It's so cute to see her so determined to do it and then kick those little legs and work those arms until it happens!

If you have trouble installing your Ring Doorbell, email me because I've finally mastered this shiz. I spent the week basically trouble-shooting the one I put in on Sunday that never quite worked right. Finally, after 2 calls to customer support, 4 visits to the hardware store, a lot of trial and error and common sense, I figured out I had a bad Ring Doobell button/camera to begin with. Once I put a new one in, it's worked flawlessly. Ring has a great product but their customer support is basically people ready prompts from a computer who don't know anything the actual product or how electricity works. I give their customer support 1 out of 5 stars but the product itself gets 4.5 out of 5. (You don't get a 5 without solid customer support!)

Saturday night Trick-or-Treating went great! I pulled our old fire table from the backyard to the driveway and Susan brought out a candy box she made at her Board and Brush store. We had a lot of kids and I had my fog machine to set off anytime they came close which I love and so did they!

Putting up the Ring doorbell, I noticed some really big, ugly spider webs in the doorway. It's not Susan's job to clean them out and it's not my job either. I just got frustrated that she is so busy with her store and I'm so busy with work that we just don't quite get around to taking care of things like this. Too many little messes around the house don't get cleaned up because we're busy and it's frustrating, but we can't just let them go. So that started an argument but it wasn't bad because we both admitted we could do better at things like this, rather than hoping the other person will do it.

And that discussion sparked a major cleaning, de-cluttering and throwing things away session! Susan found hundreds of plastic bags in the cupboard, crammed in so tight you almost couldn't get another one in. So we put those in her car to recycle. Do you have a giant cupboard or box of these awful bags somewhere in your house?

And that's it! I hope you had a good Halloween and a good weekend! This is election week so be sure to VOTE and be well and be kind and BREATHE no matter the results.

Thanks for looking at my weekend in five pictures!


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