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Dave's 10 Favorite Things About Minnesota

I've lived in Minnesota so long it feels like home. It is home. And it's really easy for me to come up with ten things I love about Minnesota. So without further ramblings and musings, here we go!

(In n particular order)

Paisley Park. This could just as easily been "Prince." I chose Paisley Park because it's a lasting, functioning memorial to Prince and it's just a really cool place to visit.

The lakes. I was going to say Lake Minnetonka specifically but nope, just the lakes in general and the fact that they're such a big part of our lifestyles here.

The State Fair. Duh.

Duluth. We are so lucky in Minneapolis and St. Paul to have such a beautiful and different place just a couple of hours away.

High School Sports. Sure, they have them everywhere, but in Minnesota they're so big, fun, respected and traditional, we love them more than any state I've lived in.

Pipestone National Monument. No picture does this place justice. It's historic, it's awe-inspiring, it's beautiful, it's peaceful, it's meaningful and it's far enough away (about 2.5 hours) that it feels like you're going somewhere. If you go, stay at the Calumet Inn, which makes Pipestone, MN even more cool.

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. It's beautiful during any season. Have you driven or walked around Three-Mile Drive? You need to do that.

Chanhassen. My hometown for 23 years. We love it so much here. It feels like the countryside but it has all the things a small town needs and wants. It's always near or at the top of any best cities to live list.

The Stone Arch Bridge. It's SO cool, it's historic, it's beautiful, it's an engineering marvel for it's time, and it's STILL THERE! Go there! Take pictures! Enjoy it! There's nothing else quite like it in the country.

The people. Well, of course. We just have a nice culture here of kind, helpful, friendly people. Don't give me that BS about Minnesotans being passive-aggressive, hipster. All that means is we stand up for what we believe is right and we're polite about it. Don't like it? Go live in a state where people are just plain old aggressive. Hello, New Jersey?

And that's it! Thanks for looking at my blog! Check out the other people from KDWB and their blog about the same thing: Steve-O, Jenny, Falen, E. White and Zach Dillon.


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