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A Great KDWB Story from 20 Years Ago

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So what's the story between this guy and KDWB?

Here's an email that Lee Valsvik from KOOL-108 got from this guy's sister today.  Lee used to work on the KDWB morning show with me for years.  

Read on:

Hi Lee

I wanted to share this pic with you--

We went to Aamodt's Apple Farm when you were on the Dave Ryan Morning show.  We were answering trivia for t-shirts and prizes.  My brother, who was about 8 at the time, and very tiny for his age, answered a question and was thrown a t-shirt but a big kid in front of him grabbed it. After the trivia was over my brother was pretty upset.  My mom went and talked to you and asked if they had another shirt for him. You pulled out this beauty.  20 years later he still wears it all the time, and he wanted to say thank you.


That's cool!  And props to Lee for going to find a shirt for a little 8-year-old kid.  Obviously he (and his family) remember this all these years later.

I hope if you and I have met, I made you feel important because you are.  And if we haven't met, I look forward to the opportunity to thank you for listening to our show!

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