Dave's Memorial Day Weekend in Five Photos

Memorial Day Weekend is a favorite of mine.  Not only is it a reminder of the people died serving our country, it's also a long weekend and the weather is usually decent so we can be outside and enjoy living in Minnesota.

Carson was at Soundset, a concert at the fairgrounds, all day Sunday, so Susan and I had a day free to go riding!  We rode to Mayer, Green Isle, Winthrop, Henderson and Carver.  It's so great cuz we always meet the nicest people in biker bars.  We watched the Indy 500 (Memorial Day weekend MUST for me) at Knuckleheads in Mayer.

Saturday we went to the Twins game.  It was great because they won and it was nice out!  First Twins game I've been to in years.

At the game, I ran into Benjamin.  You don't know him but you've probably heard him call in during our show.  He's funny and one of those guys that everyone loves.  Probably because of that sharp-lookin' hat!

I LOVE the original "Vacation" with Chevy Chase.  It's a family favorite and my kids and I can recite lines from it at will.  So when the new one came out two years ago I wanted to see it but never got around to it.  So we all watched it on Saturday night and I have to say, it was HYSTERICAL!  I think the kids got annoyed with me for laughing so hard, but it's so inappropriate and wrong that I couldn't help it!

After the movie, we all went out and made s'mores.  Instead of just chocolate, we used Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  We used the smaller ones which didn't quite give it the chocolate-peanut butter taste we wanted, but I'm thinking the regular sized ones would have been too much.  If you try it, let me know at daveryan@kdwb.com!

And one more bonus picture.  This was my dad's crew when he was a navigator on bomber during World War 2.    That's him standing, second from the left.  The officers in the back were around 24 years old and the enlisted men in front were about 19.  Most, but not all of them survived the war.  My dad never really talked about his experiences until he got older.  It's amazing and horrible what they saw and experienced.

It's funny, I realize the name of the plane and the artwork is super-offensive by today's standards.  To the point where I almost didn't want to post this picture because I know some people will complain.   But we can't judge all history by the standards of today. The world was a different place back then.

I hope you had a great weekend!  Have a great, short week!  Thanks for looking at my blog.

Dave Ryan

Dave Ryan

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