See Taylor Swifts Face Change Over the Years

I like Taylor Swift.  I mean doesn't everybody?  She's talented, she's supposedly super nice, you never hear bad things about her and she's beautiful.

It's pretty amazing though, to see how her look and yes, even her face has changed over the years.  For one thing, she's lost her "baby fat" which sounds weird but I don't know what else to call it.  She's obviously lost weight in her face.

Which bugs me a little bit.  Hollywood and our culture SCREAMS at women to be happy in their own skin and be happy with their curves.

But look at SO many young women in show business.  They're so skinny, they look like they never eat. That, apparently, is a standard that so many women want to live up to.

I know women (and men) who are naturally thin, but I don't think Taylor is naturally THIS thin.  But somehow, she feels pressure to look a certain way.

Why is that?  Where does that pressure come from?  Is it entirely self-imposed?  And should I shut the eff up because I'm a guy and I'm not supposed to know or care about any of this?

BTW, here's the link to watch the video of her changing over the years.

Dave Ryan

Dave Ryan

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