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Dave's Weekend in Five Photos (May 19-21)

What a weekend!  It started off with Star Party on Friday night.  There are so many pictures I could post but I had to pick one, so I chose to post this one because it has three of my favorite people, Jenny, Falen and Steve from the morning show.  I met so many great people on Friday and I love the chance to say "Thank you for listening to our show!"  Plus the acts were great!  I got to interview Niall and we had a great time talking about golf, and the most unusual thing a fan ever gave him.

See that interview here.

Saturday morning I was up at 6am to go on an 11-mile hike with the Boy Scouts.  It rained all day and we got soaked but we had fun.  This picture is blurry because there was water on the lens of my phone.  Everything was wet and there was nothing dry to wipe it off with.

Okay, this isn't a photo but it was definitely part of my weekend.  On the Scout hike, we'd get to an intersection and would follow the arrows to stay on the right trail.  Well, someone thought it would be funny to point this arrow the wrong way.  We fell for it and we hiked probably 2 miles out of our way.  This video shows what someone did with the sign.

My wife and I have kept this little clock in our bathroom for years.  I always look at it when I'm getting rady to make sure I'm not running late.  I give my wife a hard time for being blind as a bat, and sure enough, she'd changed the batteries in this clock and put it back in it's holder upside down.  It took me a second to figure out why the numbers looked all screwy.

Sunday's highlight was another Scout meeting where we practiced cooking over portable hiking stoves like we'll use in New Mexico this summer.  Really, all they had to do was boil water and add it to freeze-dried food, but getting hyper 15 year olds to do anything is always a challenge.

Hope you had a great weekend, even though it was cold and rainy.  Cross your fingers for a warm and sunny Memorial Day weekend!

Thanks for looking at my blog!

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