7-Eleven In NE Dallas Is Going Up on Airbnb for All Night Gaming Sleepovers

A 7-Eleven in Dallas, Texas is now up on Airbnb for two one-night stays next month.

If you land one of the two slots, you'll get to spend the night in the 7-Eleven for a, quote, "ultimate one-night game-cation." They've set up a big screen with a PlayStation 5, plus an hour-long Twitch session with a famous gamer.

You'll also get to take home a PS5. And while you're at the 7-Eleven, you have permission to eat whatever you want, including all-you-can-drink Slurpees.

Two people will be able to book the stays next Monday. They're only charging $11, and you'll stay there either February 26th or February 28th. 

(The Verge)

(Here's a picture of the setup.)

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