Girl Collides With A Bird In The Face During Roller Coaster Ride


This is Paige Ormiston and she got hit by a bird on a rollercoaster! She was having fun at Warner Bros Movie World in Queensland, Australia. That was until a bird collided with Paige one of the fastest rollercoasters in the world! The ride reaches a max speed of 71.5mph. Video of the collision was shared on Facebook, with a post saying “she’s completely shocked, a little bruised but OK. Not sure about the bird?” 


In an interview with 9News, Ormiston said she was very scared, which is an understandable feeling to have when something hits you in the face on a roller coaster, where absolutely nothing should be hitting you in the face.
"I didn’t know what to do because I was stuck in a chair,” she said. “I saw it was white [but] I didn’t know what it was at first.” 

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