This Woman Ran 19 Miles of a Marathon While Carrying a Lost Puppy

A 43-year-old woman in Thailand was seven miles into a marathon last week when she saw the runners in front of her avoiding something in the road . . . which turned out to be a puppy.  (The woman's name is Khemjira Klongsanun.

They were in the middle of nowhere, and there weren't any houses or other dogs around. So she knew the puppy was either very lost, or someone abandoned it.

So instead of just running around it like everyone else, she picked it up, but kept running the marathon . . . and carried it with her for the last 19 MILES.

Now, a tiny puppy might not seem like much. But even 2 or 3 pounds starts to feel pretty heavy after a while. She says it made the marathon twice as hard, but he was just too cute to just leave behind.

She tried to track down the owner later on, but no one ever came forward. So she took him to a vet, got him vaccinated, and ended up adopting him

She named him Chombueng, which was the name of the area where the marathon was held. 

( Runner's World )

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