My Favorite Song By Logic... and why I can relate... EXPLICIT

My dude goes off!!!!

I can feel this dudes pain because I grew up with the odds against me... My father wasn't in the picture... My mom and stepdad were addicted to drugs and sold narcotics... My friends were a terrible influence. 

Then I found radio... I worked two jobs trying to make my way through this crazy industry. That's why I appreciate you. I love you so much for giving me the chance to entertain you. I also get that 'time' is the MOST valuable thing in this life. For you to give your time, it just blows my mind. 

Skip ahead to 1:56 to hear his journey. 


iHeart Colt

iHeart Colt

I made this blog to keep in touch with my grandma. But If you must know about me, I have two cats, a Wife and i'm running out of room to type... Just listen to my show so I can pay my rent. K love you bye. Read more


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