Introducing The Hershey’s Gold Candy Bar

Hershey’s chocolate is a classic, and it’s not every day the company releases a new flavor of their famous chocolate bars. In fact, it has not debuted a new candy bar in 20 years (the Cookies n’ Creme bar came onto the scene in 1995). But all that just changed: Hershey’s announced the addition of a fourth bar to their roster, and it’s going to blow your mind.

Say hello to Hershey’s Gold, a “caramelized creme” bar made up of peanuts and pretzels. Sweet and salty lovers are going to go crazy over this bar!

Cocoa lovers, however, might be surprised to find that this bar doesn’t actually contain any chocolate. Instead, it’s made with a white creme that is cooked until golden, creating a slight caramel-like flavor and giving rise to its flashy name. Thanks to the peanuts and pretzels, the bar is sweet and salty and creamy and crunchy, creating a combination that definitely could take the gold.

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