The Top "How To" Questions We're Googling in 2023

Google released a big report on the top "how to" searches in the U.S. so far this year. Here are the highlights:


1. The states asking the most "how to" questions are: West Virginia, Utah, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.


2. The top "how to" searches overall are: "How to draw", "How to pronounce" things, "How to tie a tie", "How to screenshot" something, and "How to get a passport."


3. The top "how to help" questions include: "How to help anxiety", "How to help people", and "How to help CONSTIPATION." Depression, cramps, back pain, and DIARRHEA also made the Top 10.


4. The top "how to be" questions include: "How to be better", "How to be a man", "How to be happy", "How to be yourself", and "How to be a PLAYER."


5. The top "how to clean" questions include: "How to clean shoes", "How to clean leather", "How to clean mold", and "How to clean ears."


6. The top five "how to make" questions are: "How to make money", "How to make rice", "How to make eggs", "How to make bread", and "How to make coffee."


7. The top "how to fix" questions include: "How to fix a zipper", "How to fix WiFi", "How to fix an ingrown toenail", and "How to fix a relationship."


8. And speaking of relationships, they also looked at searches for just that. They include: "How to be in a relationship", "How to fix a relationship", and "How to build a relationship." But also, "How to end a relationship", "How to leave a relationship", and "How to get out of a relationship."



(Google Trends)

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