A Five-Year-Old Kid Ordered $1,000 Worth of Stuff on Amazon by Asking Alexa

You may have heard about kids who accidentally order something, by picking up their parent's phone, and button mashing. But THIS is more extreme than that.

A father shared a video on TikTok, showing how his five-year-old son ordered almost $1,000 worth of stuff on Amazon, by just ASKING Alexa to have the stuff added to his cart.

Most of it was TOYS, but he also asked for a HOT TUB, and a $500 one got ordered. And it could've been a lot worse, because he was asking for MULTIPLE things, like "112 water slides," and potentially expensive stuff, like a "rocket ship that goes five trillion miles per hour, and five trillion feet off the ground."

The dad shared this tip, "Parents . . . make sure you disable voice purchases on your Alexa app so this doesn't happen to you."

It sounds like the father DID get a refund because he said he "regrets not keeping the hot tub, every day."



(New York Post

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