These Are The Weirdest Baby Names From Last Year

Someone went through the Social Security Administration's official list of baby names from last year, and cherry picked the weirdest ones.

Each name was given to at least one baby in 2022, but not more than 10. Here are the highlights . . .


The weirdest girls names include: Minnow, Banksy, Delight, Katniss - like the "Hunger Games" character, Sparkle, Pearly, Menorah, Canary, Bethlehem, Chai - as in the tea, Strawberry, and finally, Cinderella.


The boys list is equally odd: Barley, Dragon, Texas, Utah, Daytona, Fender, Clever, Gilead from "Handmaid's Tale", Cotton, Rooster, Chaos, Ruckus, Crash, Forbes, Lancelot, and finally, just the word "Awesome". 



(Huff Post)

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