Job Listing: Full-Time "Pizza Influencer" for $110,000 a Year

90% of the population is passionate about this topic. So if you want this gig, expect competition: A job listing for a "PIZZA INFLUENCER" is going viral . . . and the salary is $110,000 a year.


It's for a pizza delivery app called Slice. It's basically a social media marketing role, and they just slapped a fun title on it.


The job description says you'll create videos and social media content . . . primarily for TikTok and Instagram . . . that, quote, "celebrates pizza, pizzeria owners, and pizza eaters."


Job duties include recording, editing, and starring in at least three pizza-themed videos a week. You'll also be interviewing pizza shop owners, and running contests and giveaways.


Perks include medical and dental, a matching 401K, and a, quote, "weekly pizza stipend." So, FREE PIZZA.


You can apply through their website or LinkedIn. They say their ideal candidate is someone in New York City, or someone willing to move there. But they're also open to other major metro areas. 




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