A Man Accidentally Donated $15K to a GoFundMe Instead of $150 . . .

Sometimes a GOOD DEED can turn into a HOT MESS . . . and that almost happened here, but there was a silver lining.


A man from California named Michael recently shared a story about how his neighbor is a 70-year-old Hindu priest . . . and he wanted to support him and his efforts abroad by donating $150 to a GoFundMe that was providing food to starving people in Bangladesh.


But he made a mistake, and instead of $150 he donated $15,000.  He got notifications from his credit card company, but it went through.


Michael contacted GoFundMe, and was promised a refund. But before it was processed, the charity saw the huge donation come through, and the person who runs it sent Michael pictures and videos of people in Bangladesh graciously thanking him for the massive donation . . . holding signs with HIS NAME.


Michael had no choice but to explain the error to someone involved with the campaign. And even though he couldn't actually donate $15K, once his refund went through, he went back and raised his donation to $1,500.


Some might say he was GUILTED into that . . . and maybe he was . . . but there was nothing nefarious about it, it was just innocent appreciation. 


Michael says the charity's host was "incredibly gracious and understanding," and he was told that the $1,500 still made a huge impact on the community.


But the good news doesn't end there. Michael DID deliver more than that.


Michael originally told his story on Reddit, where it went viral. Several TV shows picked it up, and even MORE people heard about the campaign and Michael's donation, and then THEY started tossing in a few bucks.


The GoFundMe's original goal was $26,000 . . . but they've now raised more than $120,000. So it was a WIN all around.



(NY Post)

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