Ten Stats and Facts for National Pet Day

Happy National Pet Day to anyone celebrating. According to a recent poll, 58% of us have at least one pet at home.


Dogs are still the most common, and cats are next. 70% of pet owners have at least one dog, and 54% have a cat. So a lot of us have both. Fish are a distant third at around 3% of households. Then it's birds, reptiles, rodents, and rabbits.


Here are a few stats and facts to help celebrate National Pet Day . . .


1.  There are 85 million dogs in America, and over 60 million cats. That's not even including strays.



2.  40% of us are "dog people," and 20% are "cat people." Just over 30% like both equally, and 8% don't like cats OR dogs. 



3.  We don't trust people as much if they don't like pets. Over a third of Americans say it makes someone seem less trustworthy.



4.  91% of pet owners say their pet is "part of the family." 33% of dog owners also say their dog is one of their "best friends." 21% of cat owners said the same . . . but 14% also just feel like their cat's "servant" sometimes.



5.  83% of Americans think pets are "capable of love." 88% of dog owners think their dog loves them. 81% of cat owners said the same.



6.  More than half of pet owners let their pets sleep with them. 60% said yes, at least sometimes.



7.  Most cat and dog owners have talked to their pet "at length" before. So, not just one or two words, but full conversations. 60% of dog owners and 52% of cat owners said they do it.



8.  58% of us think walking a cat on a leash is fine. Only 6% "strongly disapprove" of it.



9.  56% of pet owners have bought their pet a birthday or Christmas present before. 38% have thrown a party or "birthday celebration" for a pet.  And 24% have dressed them up in a costume for a special occasion.



10.  48% of Americans think pets can go to heaven. 95% of people in that group think THEIR pet will go to heaven. 



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