Starbucks' New Olive Oil Drinks Are Being Called a "Legit Laxative"

I doubt this was the reaction Starbucks was hoping for with their new olive oil drinks: People online are comparing them to LAXATIVES.


Back in February, Starbucks announced a new line of "Oleato" coffee.  (oh-lee-AH-toe). Each drink comes with a spoonful of olive oil, and it's supposed to be healthy.


They're only selling them at select locations for now, so most people haven't tried them yet. But the advice from people who have is . . . make sure you're near a bathroom.


People are cracking jokes about it on social media, like one person who said, "The Oleato at Starbucks is a legit laxative."


Other people have claimed it gave them an upset stomach, and that the olive oil taste is just weird.


There are also quite a few people who seem to like it. So maybe the laxative thing is overblown. But someone talked to a nutritionist who said coffee plus olive oil could definitely get things moving down there.


Coffee is a stimulant that already has that effect to some degree. And just like castor oil, olive oil can help with constipation. So it's like a "one-two punch."


She says the effect might be even more dramatic if you have an Oleato drink on an empty stomach. 



(NBC News)


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