Pepsi is Ditching Sierra Mist and Replacing It with . . .

If you know any DIEHARD Sierra Mist fans, you might want to stroll down the greeting card aisle and browse the SYMPATHY section.


Pepsi has made Sierra Mist for 23 years . . . ever since they introduced it to replace Slice in 1999 . . . but now they're ditching it for a NEW lemon-lime soda.



The new one is called STARRY . . . and a Pepsi rep says it has "higher citrus flavors that are true to fruit and more aromatic" than Sierra Mist. It'll be available in both regular and sugar-free versions.


Starry is already rolling out to all grocery and convenience stores.  (So if you're a hardcore MISTIE, you might want to buy up as many remaining packs as you can NOW.)  


Pepsi is bailing on Sierra Mist because sales have been declining, and it was never able to compete against Sprite, which is made by Coca-Cola. They also wanted something new to appeal to younger, Gen Z customers. 






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