You're 50% More Likely to Look Old if You Don't...

I'm not sure which of these two stats is scarier. I want to say the DEATH one, but I'm also incredibly vain . . .


A new study published in "The Lancet" looked at how important it is to stay hydrated. And the biggest stat they found was that middle-aged people are 20% more likely to DIE EARLY if they don't drink enough water.


But this second stat might be even scarier: Before it kills you, being chronically dehydrated makes you 50% more likely to LOOK OLD.


Researchers tracked people's health for 25 years. All the patients were over 45 when the study started. And the least hydrated ones were 50% more likely to show signs of early aging, including sunken eyes, sunken cheeks, and dry skin.


They were also more likely to have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. That's probably why they were 20% more likely to die young, or at least younger than the people who drank plenty of water.


So if staying alive OR looking young motivates you, there you go. 



(NY Post)


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