Drake's Holiday Vacation in Five-ish Pictures

I honestly think this was the best Christmas back home! Had all the family there and it was super chill and spur of the moment with everything we did. PLUS I got to see my cat (scroll for the cutest picture you'll ever see)

People thought it was insane I was outside for a fire in my backyard while it was -5 degrees out, but... WISCONSIN.

I literally kicked so much butt in Yahtzee, everyone gave up 😂

Saw the new Avatar in theatres and WOW! This movie was so good!

Here's the cutest picture I've ever taken of my pandemic cat, Cinco. He stays with my parents so I haven't been able to see him.

I spent New Years downtown, honestly I didn't drink an insane amount, but had a lot of fun none the less! Yes, I'm in my pajamas at Cowboy Jacks 😂

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