We Give Up Trying to Be Trendy at Age 35

It's impressive when you see someone with a hip fashion sense well into middle age . . . because EVERYTHING is working against you at that point: Kids, time, tight finances, and even your physique.


A new study found that the average person gives up trying to be trendy at the age of 35.  (


Here are some other stats from the study:


1. 37% of people are overwhelmed by the volume and speed of fashion trends.


2. 38% don't have the confidence to try the hottest styles.


3. 49% struggle to strike a balance between "trendy" and "age appropriate" . . . and 58% feel too old to wear certain clothing.


4. 38% of people say they feel "judged by others" when trying to stay ahead of the fashion curve.


5. Other reasons that people don't bother with fashion trends include: They're not a fit for their body type . . . they don't know how to style what's "in-season" . . . and it's "too expensive" to keep up with the constant churn. 



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