These Pumpkin Spice Trash Bags Were Sold Out Immediately

If there's any chance of the pumpkin spice hysteria going south, THIS could be the beginning of the end.



Hefty started selling pumpkin spice TRASH BAGS online this weekend . . . and almost immediately, they SOLD OUT. Hefty was selling them for $6 a box, but people are already trying to hawk them on eBay for $100.



Hefty called the pumpkin spice scent a "limited edition" . . . so there probably won't be any more on the way, at least not this year.



It's also unclear if the pumpkin spice trash scent was faint . . . or if it was strong enough to make people's mouth water!  (???)



My question is: Can the pumpkin spice phenomenon withstand people associating it with the smell of their GARBAGE? What about if there were pumpkin spice urinal cakes . . . pumpkin spice-scented dog poop bags . . . or pumpkin spice diapers? Would pumpkin spice die out? Or save the world?



(Reynolds Consumer Products / Instagram)

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