The Top 10 Things Adults Wish They Could Do Freely in Public

You've probably been scolded . . . at some point . . . for doing something "inappropriate" in public. Maybe you deserved it, or maybe you think you SHOULD be allowed to do whatever you were doing.


A new poll asked people what things they WISH they could do freely in public . . . and the results spanned everything from "good" deeds to "innocently" adjusting themselves. Here's the Top 10:


1. Complimenting a stranger. 


2. Going to the movies alone.


3. Walking down the street singing loudly.


4. Telling someone you love them.


5. Listening to something without headphones.


6. Passing gas or burping openly, and loudly.


7. Walking barefoot.


8. Doing yoga stretches in the park.  


9. Adjusting your underwear.  (


10. Dancing in the street.

It's surprising that smoking didn't make the list . . . since it's become increasingly inappropriate in a lot of public spaces. Drinking alcohol and even eating are also frowned upon in certain public areas.


I could see some people also mentioning making out, or other PDA.


Thankfully people apparently don't think they should be able to do GROSS stuff, like picking their nose . . . biting their nails . . . popping pimples . . . spitting . . . peeing . . . or touching things with Cheeto fingers.  


(Good News Network / The Sun)

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