A Pilot Threatened to Turn a Plane Around if People Didn't Stop...

Okay this is hilarious!

You know your pilot's done screwing around when he pulls out his "Dad halfway to Myrtle Beach" voice . . .


A Southwest pilot got on the intercom . . . and threatened to TURN THE PLANE AROUND if passengers didn't stop acting like idiots. It happened last week on a flight from Houston to Cabo San Lucas.


He was specifically addressing the person . . . or people . . . who wouldn't stop sending other passengers NAKED PHOTOS over AirDrop.


They were still on the tarmac, so he threatened to turn around . . . go back to the gate . . . make everyone de-plane . . . and ruin their whole vacation.


In the end, the dad vibes worked, and everyone made it to Cabo. Some woman on board posted a video of it to TikTok.  (Here's the video.)


AirDropping raunchy stuff is becoming a problem. There was just a story in June about another passenger who did the same thing on a flight from Detroit to Denver. It's called "cyber flashing", and two states . . . Texas and California . . . have already passed laws against it. 


(Daily Dot)


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